Wally Lawder

Keeping it Simple!

If you are looking for slick production, you won't find it here! I'm just a folk singer on a budget, and these videos are either taken by fans at shows or by me on my iPhone. But that's the idea, really... nothing souped up here--what you see is what you get!

The Tide

Wishin' (Live at Monterey Court, May 2016)

Stranger at the Door (Live at Monterey Court)

Wild Mountain Thyme (Live at Monterey Court)

Mercies of the Night (Live at Monterey Court)

The End of the Day (solo ukulele)

Telluria (Live at Monterey Court)

This Life (Live at Monterey Court)


I Saw a Rainbow (live at the Roadrunner)

If I Loved You (live at Monterey Court)

Coffee Bean

Telluria (solo on Baritone ukulele)

Chair Beneath a Tree